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Shaker Kit Beading Install

Our panelling with Holly Willoughby as seen on TV
(See the background!)

Georgian Kit Bathroom Panelling

Check Out an Easy & Gorgeous DIY GEORGIAN Wall Panelling Makeover.

Quick Fit DIY Shaker Panelling

Quick Fit Dado/Budget Panels

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We are regularly featured on these top TV interior makeover shows..

Double your house for half the Money

Double your house for half the money

60 Minute Makeover

Senior Design Consultant Martin Chadwick from Wall Panelling Experts has specially designed for the top ITV 60min makeover team.

You Deserve This House

See our Wall Panelling Designs on "You Deserve This House"

This Morning

Wall Panelling Experts have been featured on ITV This Morning

Prince's Trust

The Wall Panelling Experts are proud to be associated with the Princes Trust.


The Wall Panelling Experts have also appeared on the well known BBC1 DIY SOS tv show.

BBC Children in Need

The Wall Panelling Experts are avid supporters of BBC Children in Need with BBC1's DIY SOS and top deisgner Julia Kendell.

twofour broadcast

Voted in 2010 the UK's Best Independent Production Co.

Wall Panelling Experts have specially designed and worked with new series Homes for the Brave.

Britain's Ugliest Rooms

See a Bathroom Wall Panelling Magical Make over here

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