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Shaker Kit Beading Install

Our panelling with Holly Willoughby as seen on TV
(See the background!)

Georgian Kit Bathroom Panelling

Check Out an Easy & Gorgeous DIY GEORGIAN Wall Panelling Makeover.

Quick Fit DIY Shaker Panelling

Quick Fit Dado/Budget Panels

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We are regularly featured on these top TV interior makeover shows..

Double your house for half the Money

Double your house for half the money

60 Minute Makeover

Senior Design Consultant Martin Chadwick from Wall Panelling Experts has specially designed for the top ITV 60min makeover team.

You Deserve This House

See our Wall Panelling Designs on "You Deserve This House"

This Morning

Wall Panelling Experts have been featured on ITV This Morning

Prince's Trust

The Wall Panelling Experts are proud to be associated with the Princes Trust.


The Wall Panelling Experts have also appeared on the well known BBC1 DIY SOS tv show.

BBC Children in Need

The Wall Panelling Experts are avid supporters of BBC Children in Need with BBC1's DIY SOS and top deisgner Julia Kendell.

twofour broadcast

Voted in 2010 the UK's Best Independent Production Co.

Wall Panelling Experts have specially designed and worked with new series Homes for the Brave.

Britain's Ugliest Rooms

See a Bathroom Wall Panelling Magical Make over here

How do you install your Wall Panelling


You do require some Do It yourself Skills in Order to fix your panels, However to help you...

Here Is Your Helpful & Informative Video..

Underneath the Videos check out in Picture form too....

Top time and money saving tips included...


When your panels arrive YOU MUST place the panels next to the walls/areas they are going to be installed and check them off to your plan.

DO NOT start fitting the panels until you have undertaken this FIRST and IMPORTANT task.

This Makes Sure that

1  You have placed all the panels in the right places

2. This will help you to fit them correctly and quickly

3. Anything you are unsure of you MUST check the installation information on this page before commecning your installation In the unlikely event you think any panels have been crafted incorrectly YOU MUST contact us before installing any of the panels whatsoever. NO panels are to be installed until any crafting discrepancies have been validated and verified by ourselves.

Preparing for wall panel installation

1. Customising the panel
2. Preparing the wall area (coving, electrical sockets etc.)

Fixing the first wall panel

1. Installing the first panel
2. Fixing material

Fixing secondary wall panels

1. Basic panel installation
2. Corner panel installation

Our video guides can be viewed using the Adobe® Flash® Player


How to Install Panels in a room in picture form (also as seen on Sky Tv with Ty Pennington.. Homes for the Brave…




  1. Adhesive either gripfill or foam

    For Good Quality Cost Effective Adhesive for installing your panels Look Here..


  2. Nail Gun (preferable)with compatible 40/50 mm Nails
  3. Level
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Hammer
  6. May be required Screw Fixes



  1. The panels will arrive with letters on the reverse of them.  Each letter represents a wall in the room which is being panelled.


You will receive a plan showing the wall it represents. (see Below)




how to fit wall panelling by wall panelling ltd

 how to fit wall panels by wall panelling tld



how to fir mdf wall panels by wall panelling  ltd




When your panels arrive check to see if each wall has been received and put up against each wall as above.






Put Your Adhesive or foam on to the back of the panel as shown in the photo






how to fit wooden wall panelling by wall panelling ltd



fitting wall panels by wall panelling ltd




wall panelling installation by wall panelling ltd

wall panelling fitting on sky tv with wall panelling ltd



easy wall panelling fitting by wall panelling ltd


easy wall panelling fitting as seen on sky tv with ty pennington by wall panelling ltd


homes for the brave sky tv wall panelling by wall panelling ltd


 sky tv homes for the brave wall panels by wall panelling ltd

sky tv homes for the brave with ty pennington mdf wall panels by wall panelling ltd

Bathroom Wall Panelling Installation by Wall Panelling Ltd


You Will Need.


  1. Tape Measure
  2. Level
  3. Adhesive gripfill or foam
  4. Nails 40mm/50mm
  5. Nail Gun
  6. May be Required Screw fixes


Top Tip For Fixing Larger Heavier Made to Order Panelling

Because of the size, thickness, beaded design and weight of some of the made to order panelling some may arrive with a bowed effect   This is completely normal because of the size, weight, design and thickness of the panelling to accomodate your specicifed measurements and requirements. These custom made designs may need screw fixings to help facilitate an installation. The screw fixings can easily be hiddden if fitted correctly by covering them with finsihng rails and skirtings

This can be easily undertaken by a competent joiner

help with bowed panels

Please note some of the beads in the beaded panel my have a slight width variation (up to approx 9mm due to theim being hand made and material variations  This is perfectly normal)

Below are Photos of Panelling Colin And Justin’s (Top TV interior designers and presenters) Their Bathroom…

bathroom wall panels being installed by wall panelling ltd



martin chadwick from wall panelling ltd showing you how to isntall your bathroom wall panelling



information on how to install your bathroom wall panelling from the experts wall panelling ltd



photos showing how to install your own bathroom wall panelling from martin chadwick at wall panelling ltd



picture showing Colin & Justins bathroom wall panelling installed and designed by experts wall panelling tld



bathroom wall panels from wall panelling ltd

How to Fit Our Standard Dado

how to fit our standard  dado by wall panelling

Side Profile....

How to Fit Top Rail on top of Read and Bead and/or Tongue and Groove Wall Panelling...

how to fit top rail on top of read and bead and tongue and groove wall panelling

How to Recover Existing Skirting Boards

recovering existing skirting boards by wall panelling

wall panelling how to recover skirtings

How To

how to cover existing dado by wall panelling

How to Fit the 70mm dado...

dado fixing

How to Fit Hidden Panellng Doors

how to fit secret panelling doors

secret wall panelling doors

secret doors by wall panelling ltd

hidden panelling doors by wall panelling ltd

Panelling up to existing skirting

wall panelling up to existing skirting

showing how to install internal and external corners by wall paenlling ltd

wall panelling ltd internal and external corners

corner bead re beaded wall panelling by wall panelling ltd

external 90 degree corner for wall panelling by wall panellin g ltd

How to Fit Clips on to Our Radiator Covers...

radiator cover clips by wall panelling

radiator cabinets

radiator covers by wall panelling

radiator cabinets by wall panelling

radiator cbainets by wall panelling

radiator covers by wall panelling how to install

radiator cabinet

Top Tips For Fitting Stair Panels...

staircase wall panelling

staircase wall panelling by wall panelling

How to Measure Stairs Treads and Risers...

how to measure stairs treads and risers

stair panelling

How to Create a Shower Room in a Large Utility Room With the Tongue and

Groove Wall Panelling Easily, Cheaply and Without the Need to Plasterboard or Plaster!!!

Stud work is ready for the tongue and groove.... (we recommend an absolute minimum depth of 12mm panelling when installing on to stud work)

stud work ready for tongue and groove wall panelling

Step 2  Tongue and groove is cut to size by cutting down the grooves with a stanley knife. Remember to keep the offcuts! You may need them as you will see later!.

tongue and groove wall paenlling by wall panelling ltd

tongue and groove wall panels

Step 3 Check With Your Level Before Fixing...

tongue and groove

Step 4 Fix gripfill adhesive no nails on to stud work and then fix tongue and groove with panel pins..

tongue and groove wall panelling.

tongue and groove wall panelling by wall panelling ltd

Tongue and groove around a Boiler...

tongue and groove wall panels

tongue and groove by wall panelling ltd

tongue and groove panelling

tongue and groove wall paneling

And the Finished Look..

tongue and groove panelling for bathrooms

tongue and groove wall panelling

tongue and groove panelling for bathrooms

How to Finish Off the Whole of the Area with Attention to Detail ie beading and coving coming soon... Watch this space!....

What Are the 7 Killer Advantages for Choosing either the Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling or Read & bead Wall Panelling For Bathrooms Instead of Tiles?

1. With the Tongue & Groove Wall or Read & Bead Panelling you Only Pay for what you need

When Tiling You Require Up To 20% Extra to allow for Cuts So You End Up Paying for 20%more than what you actually need.. which costs you more money

2. The Adhesive to fit the tongue and groove wall panelling or read and bead for fixing is alot cheaper than tile adheisve.Ā  Saving you more money

3.Tiling takes twice as much time to fit than the tongue and groove or read and bead wall panelling. So installation costs of the tongue and groove wall panelling are alot cheaper

4. Don't Need A Skilled Person To Fit the tongue and groove or read and bead wall panelling Ā so again Less Cost to fit

5. Once you Have tiles you are stuck with the colour of the tiles. Ā  You can change the colour of your tongue and groove or read and bead wall panelling as trends change quickly and easily which makes sure that your bathroom stays fresh and current all of the time

6. The tongue and groove or read and bead wall panelling gives a very warm look and feel

7 The tongue and groove or read and bead wall apenlling can be installed directly on to brick, drylinings, artexed walls or tiles . Saving you even more time and money

Creating an Ensuite with Georgian Panleling and Stud Work No Plastering or Tiling!!!

crearting an ensuite with georgian panelling


Georgian panelling on stud work

Here to Help You Create Your Very Own Stunning Wall Panelling Design. Direct from Your Wall Panelling Experts


This Means You Get Offered the Best Bargain Prices Possible from Europe’s Leading Wall Panelling Designers, Manufacturers & Installers…….

(because you are buying direct from the factory no sales or middle men for you to pay for)


The Highest Quality Materials Are Only Ever Crafted (because you can call into see us at the workshop and see and feel  your work being made at any time for yourself)


The Latest Design Looks (because we design for the UK’s Leading Interior Designers such as  Linda Barker and Colin & Justin for TV we can  share these latest leading  looks with you instantly)


All with Expert &Thoughtful Advice Tailored Around You (because we have over 20 years meticulous cabinet making craftsmanship  skills uniquely combined with   artistic design  skills and experience, that we can  individually offer and share with you....)



Ps Please keep calling if the lines are busy We would really appreciate it  because we want to chat through with you which striking and attractive Wall Panelling design you really want help with to make happen..


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